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TWiB – Third trimester and 2008 round-up

Here’s a round-up of all the recipes I’ve made for This Week in Baking during September, October, November and December of 2008.

36.  Pita Bread – 3.5 stars
37.  Pear Cheesecake – 3.5 stars
38.  Dense Chocolate Loaf  Cake – 4 stars
39.  Strawberry Pecan Bread – 2.5 stars
40.  Tres Leches Cake – 4.5 stars
41.  Pumpkin Cream Cheese Brownies – 3 stars
42.  Carrot Cake Cupcakes – 4 stars
43.  Rye Bread – 3 stars
44.  Rocky Road Cookies – 1 stars
45.  Jalepeno Cake – 3 stars
46.  Paczki – 3 stars
47.  Caramel Pumpkin Pie – 1.5 stars
48.  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies – 3.5 stars
49.  Big Bad Chocolate Muffins – 4.5 stars
50.  Blueberry Coffee Cake – 4 stars
51.  Cornbread – 3 stars
52.  Peanut Butter Torte – 3.5 stars

Again, no 5 star recipes, but here are the best of this trimester:

  1. Big Bad Chocolate Muffins – 4.5 stars
  2. Tres Leches Cake – 4.5 stars
  3. Blueberry Coffee Cake – 4 stars
  4. Dense Chocolate Loaf  Cake – 4 stars

And the list you’ve been waiting for, the top 9 recipes of 2008!

  1. Brownie Tart – 5 stars
  2. Big Bad Chocolate Muffins – 4.5 stars
  3. Chocolate Creme Brulee – 4.5 stars
  4. Cinnamon Pie – 4.5 stars
  5. Cottage Dill Bread – 4.5 stars
  6. Eclairs – 4.5 stars
  7. Gingerbread Cookies – 4.5 stars
  8. Pecan Pie Bars – 4.5 stars
  9. Tres Leches Cake – 4.5 stars

There will be no regular TWiB in 2009.  Instead, I will revisit some of the less-than-excellent recipes and see what I can do to improve them.  Happy New Year and see you in 2009!


TWiB #52 – Peanut Butter Torte

For Christmas at GiR’s house, I decided to make something fancy.  Dorie’s Peanut Butter Torte looks fantastic, but I didn’t know if I could pull it off.  In actuality, it’s very easy and I did great!

Peanut Butter Torte

Peanut Butter Torte from Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan (pg. 282)

I’m not a coffee fan, so I left out the espresso powder.  I also used Double Stuff Oreos, which made the crust more sticky and less crumbly.


Very good, but also very rich.  3.5 stars out of 5.

TWiB #49 – Big Bad Chocolate Muffins

My friend NL sent me a recipe for these chocolate muffins and I just had to try them out.  I felt like a little bit of a cheater because it uses a devil’s food cake mix, but the results are just soooo good.

Big Bad Chocolate Muffins

Private recipe of NL’s


Delicious and chocolately.  Especially gooey when warm.  4.5 stars out of 5.

TWiB #48 – Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

While visiting relatives in Indiana, I came across a recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. As soon as they heard about it, they requested I make them immediately.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I split the dough in half.  One half had 1/2 cup pecans and the other half had 1/2 cup extra chocolate chips.  My relatives didn’t have any pumpkin pie spice (or any nutmeg), so I used 2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp allspice, 1/8 tsp cloves, and 1/8 tsp ginger.

Too much chocolate; you couldn’t taste the pumpkin at all.  Too gooey.  3 1/2 stars out of 5.

TWiB #45 – Jalapeno Cake

In looking for interesting flavor combinations, I came across this jalapeno cake.  It’s a very complex recipe, with a lot of different flavors going on – chocolate, almonds, jalapeno, coffee, cinnamon – but it turned out pretty good.

Mexican Jalapeno Chocolate Cream Cake

Mexican Jalapeno Chocolate Cream Cake

None.  Served with coffee liqueur flavored whipped cream.

Good, but not jalapeno-y enough.  3 stars out of 5.

TWiB #44 – Rocky Road Cookies

I had some marshmallows to use up, so this looked like a quick, easy recipe. The finished product, though, not so good. The marshmallows melted and made the cookies either stick or crumble. The edges were too dry and crispy and the walnuts added almost zero flavor. I guess I will have to find some other way to use up marshmallows.

Rocky Road Cookies

Rocky Road Cookies

I didn’t have quite enough cocoa powder, maybe only 1/2 cup.  I also baked the cookies for 14 minutes because I was using AirBake cookie sheets.

Major suckage.  1 star out of 5.

TWiB #38 – Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake

I’ve had How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson on my wish list for a long time, so I decided to pick it up from the library and make a few things before committing to the purchase. My friend SS loves anything plain chocolate (i.e. not mixed w/ other flavors, no nuts or fruits, etc), so I thought this loaf cake would be perfect.

Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake

Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake from Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess, pg. 166

I didn’t have any bittersweet chocolate, so I used about .5 oz unsweetened chocolate (it just happened to be the size of chunk I had kicking around) and 3.5 oz semi-sweet.

I really liked the recipe, but my husband GiR didn’t care for it.  SS hasn’t tried it yet, but I know he’ll love it.  Average score would be about 4 out of 5 stars.