Muffin cups of doom

You know those cute muffin cups that everyone seems to be using? You know, the ones that look like this:

Everyone talks about how cute they are and how easy they are to fill. But what no one mentions is how it is to eat the muffin/cupcake. You know why?


Getting a cupcake out of this blasted thing is IMPOSSIBLE. I crushed so many cupcakes that I had to give up and eat my cupcake straight out of the paper with a SPOON. This is no way to eat a cupcake, people!

In summary, just say no to Wilton Nut & Party Cups.


3 responses to “Muffin cups of doom

  1. if you spray and cook these cups before use the cakes just fall out. Used them last night and they worked like a dream.

  2. This is hilarious….. as I keep seeing these muffin cups everywhere and they are cute lol, but never thought that they wouldn’t come out easily. Seriously though if I’m making muffins or cupcakes I don’t want to spray and bake the liners first I am way to lazy for that.

  3. flowerinbloom

    You have to stretch its “belt” looooooool give it a try next time you feel like tossing off the cupcake

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