Food processor questions

I keep reading/hearing that a food processor is a great kitchen tool. Alton Brown uses his constantly. However, I just don’t understand why they’re so great. I have a very small food processor that I have used on occasion, and it just seems more trouble than it’s worth.

Putting food in the food processor is easy enough. Pushing the pulse button a few times is easy and quick. HOWEVER, removing the food and then the resulting cleanup is a real bitch. It takes easily 10 times as long as the food processing itself. I can’t scrape the blades easily. I hate trying to get stuff off the center column of plastic. Washing all those parts takes forever.

What is the point of having an appliance that takes 2 seconds to use, but then takes 2 minutes to clean up? Wouldn’t it just be easier to chop those nuts the long way? Sure the chopping takes 2 minutes, but then the cleanup takes 2 seconds (wash knife and board). Please, someone enlighten me.

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