TWiB Bonus Edition – Goleem

This TWiB Bonus Edition was brought on by a commission from my friend SS. He requested an edible version of a monster-thing he came up with called a Goleem.

It needed to be man shaped and have a soft, dark gray center (representing lead) with a hard, light gray exterior (representing titanium) and a powdered sugar coating. And bonus points for having it stand up.

I love challenges like this, so I spent the rest of the day pouring over ideas for what to do. I eventually decided to bake a white cake and color it gray for the lead. I froze it after baking so it would be easier to cut and build. For the titanium coating, I chose white chocolate candy melts, colored gray.

Building was pretty easy, if messy. I cut out the shapes from the cake and stuck them together with toothpicks and wooden skewers. I lay the Goleem on a wire rack over some wax paper and spread the melted coating on his back first. When that dried (very quickly), I turned him over and coated his front. There was only a minor mishap involving one of his arms falling off and having to be re-cut, attached, and coated. =) Quick dots of icing gel for eyes, then (miracle of miracles) he stood up.


Awwww…. isn’t he so cuuuute?

Not to mention very tasty. =)

Goleem closeup

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