This Week in Baking Week #1 – Apple Coffee Cake

For a semi New Year’s resolution, I’m going to make a new baked good every week. I’ve got so many recipes that I want to try out, so this is my chance. Each week I’m going to pick a new recipe, whether it be a cake, cookies, pie, or other dessert and try it out. I will feed it to friends and family, get their feedback, and hopefully improve my baking skills and techniques. It’ll be a great learning experience and we get to eat tasty food!

For week #1, I chose to make this apple coffee cake (sans sauce).

apple coffee cake

The ingredients are easy to pick up, the steps are easy to follow. It makes the kitchen smell wonderful! My testers (GiR and MB) gave it 3 stars out of 5. MB recommended perhaps adding more spices, such as nutmeg. GiR brought the leftovers into work the next day, and I’ve already got an order to make one! Sounds like a success to me.


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