Chef Amalas

Since I love baking cakes and cookies and such, I finally decided to put it to good use. I enrolled in a Baking & Pastry certificate program at my local community college. Here’s me dressed up in my chef clothes. I can only take 1 class at a time at nights, so it’ll take forever to finish the program, but I’m learning sooo much already. It’s sooo much fun!

Chef Amalas


2 responses to “Chef Amalas

  1. I’ve done a few baking classes and they’re such fun. The only annoying part is that my diabetes means I can’t snack too much!

    Good luck on completing your certificate. Do post some more pictures of your creations.

  2. Gah, no kidding. It’s really annoying to have to refuse most of the taste-testing because I don’t feel like calculating and bolusing and all that. I think the head chef and the other students have figured out that I don’t eat the things, but it’s still frustrating.

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